Kevin McCaffrey
Study in Brown-BlackStudy in Gold (Marge's Way)Study in Purple (Deborah's Journey)Study in Purple (Deborah's Journey) (Detail)Study in Red (Simone's Sojourn)Study in Yellow-Green (Isabel's Pilgrimage)Study in Green (Sylvia's Path)Study in Blue-Green (Angela's Ascent) (Detail)Study in Blue-Green (Angela's Ascent)Study in Blue-GreenBlue and Orange Rhythms Extinction of the RectanglesPorter HutchNorth RiverHoboken Bus Terminal, SunsetOld TowerHoisting the BuoyBuoy EvolutionDriveway with BicycleWeehawken Nocturne IILaetitiaPidgeonSelf-portrait as Thirties GuyPower Plant with Cloud BankNorthern LandscapeStooges SunsetApparition of GrouchoCrosswalkMorning, 215th St.VisitationHoboken Train YardsView Down the RiverSchoolgirl SpringThe Upper TownAutumn in WeehawkenLong SlipTrain Station TowerTrack 5Backs of HousesStern Erminals
Oil Paintings (2004-Present)