Kevin McCaffrey
Gorilla Defeats DinosaurThe Black Gaul Dealt Homer a Knock-out BlowEven Sharks, Crazy Owls, and Civil War Bears Can Get AlongThe Clown Happened to Notice a Nearby VolcanoSnail EcstasyEggsun in the Neo-HelikianProterozoic JamTopography (Dorian Mode)Beware of Snakes, Dancing Mexican Women (From Above)!Predella IPredella I (detail)Predella IIPredella II (detail)Predella IIIPredella III (detail)The Little Bear Took the Doll's Head Whose Mouth Got Confused With GodThe Scorpion Clown Was Taken Unawares by the Fatal EggsCast Aside the Mountain Ranges, and Even Yet the Darkened Stars, Ye Righteous AlveoliStudy in Yellow and GreenStudy in Orange and GreenGreen River GorgeStudy in GoldStudy in PurpleStudy in Purple (Detail)Study in RedStudy in Yellow-GreenStudy in GreenStudy in Blue-GreenStudy in Blue-Green (Detail)Study in Blue-Green IIBlue and Orange Rhythms Study in Brown-BlackExtinction of the RectanglesPorter HutchNorth RiverHoboken Bus Terminal, SunsetOld TowerHoisting the BuoyBuoy EvolutionDriveway with BicycleWeehawken Nocturne IILaetitiaSelf-portrait as Thirties GuyNorthern LandscapeStooges SunsetApparition of GrouchoCrosswalkMorning, 215th St.VisitationHoboken Train YardsView Down the RiverSchoolgirl SpringThe Upper TownAutumn in WeehawkenLong SlipTrain Station TowerTrack 5Backs of HousesStern Erminals
Oil Paintings (2004-Present)