Kevin McCaffrey
No. 04032021No. 03242021No. 03172021Landscape No. 02282021Landscape No. 03022021Shard FishFlowerEmergence 121020Landscape No. 102120Landscape No. 93020St. Moosey McMoosefaceConfiguration 91720Accumulation 2FlowsAccumulationUntitled, July 10, 2020Mysterium Tremendum et FascinansAnima/AnimusNight ShiftAnimal SpiritsConfiguration No. 3Configuration No. 2SacrificeMountain DanceMonstranceEclipse of the DogUnion City BluesWhen the Saints Come Marching InOraison funèbreConfiguration No. 1Shipping OutAttack at DawnUpper Modal WardChorograph No. 7 (Geoplosion)Animals Took the Ship Apart Despite the LandLake CountryBroken TowersTwo (or More) BirdsTwo BloomsHome, somewhereDeflectionLast Landscape26 January 2019GediGutenProminence No. 1Prominence No. 2St. Henry (Postcard Series No. 5)Collection No. 1Chorograph No. 6 (Synchronome)Dream BoatShaman's LamentMa'atCityscape 29Spirit RiderPilgrimage of the AndrogensSpring in Hudson CountyUntitled (Golden Phallus)Untitled (Stele/Drum MajorTransit of WeehawkenVelocity/AscensionUntitled SwirlMonsters See Blue for the First TimeIste polis IIIste polisComposition No. 18Composition No. 17Composition No. 16Composition No. 15Dancing Figure2A3C4B4ASt. DawnSt. EvyThe Three Waitress AngelsChorograph No. 5 (Orange Putnam)UntitledLandscape No. 25Strip Study No. 1Strip Study No. 2Creativity Magnified 20,000XBreakers of the SkyBaptism by FireChorograph No. 1Chorograph No. 2 (Archipelago)Chorograph No. 3 (The Desire for Geography)Chorograph No. 4 (Theater of Operations)EclipseFour StudiesTowersSpirits of WeehawkenTriptych No. 3 (Kearney)Triptych No. 4Complex No. 2Complex No. 3Scenes from New CarthageMontage with Helicopter and GirlResettlementFrom Point A to Point BReverence and NostalgiaApotheosis of the Phoenician TurkeyClassical CityscapeTransubstantiationBreakthroughHoodsin CountyLove and SynchronicityTriptych No. 2 (Origin, Meaning, Mystery)Triptych No. 1 (Two Pedestals)Map Fantasy IMap Fantasy IIMap Fantasy IIILandscape No. 14Bot ConceptionBurn ViewBasal Cell Carcinoma
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