Kevin McCaffrey
No. 05212021The Owl of MinervaNo. 05122021No. 04032021No. 03242021No. 03172021Landscape No. 02282021Landscape No. 03022021Shard FishFlowerEmergence 121020Landscape No. 102120Landscape No. 93020St. Moosey McMoosefaceConfiguration 91720Accumulation 2FlowsAccumulationUntitled, July 10, 2020Mysterium Tremendum et FascinansAnima/AnimusNight ShiftAnimal SpiritsConfiguration No. 3Configuration No. 2SacrificeMountain DanceMonstranceEclipse of the DogUnion City BluesWhen the Saints Come Marching InOraison funèbreConfiguration No. 1Shipping OutAttack at DawnUpper Modal WardChorograph No. 7 (Geoplosion)Animals Took the Ship Apart Despite the LandLake CountryBroken TowersTwo (or More) BirdsTwo BloomsHome, somewhereDeflectionLast Landscape26 January 2019GediGutenProminence No. 1Prominence No. 2St. Henry (Postcard Series No. 5)Collection No. 1Chorograph No. 6 (Synchronome)Dream BoatShaman's LamentMa'atCityscape 29Spirit RiderPilgrimage of the AndrogensSpring in Hudson CountyUntitled (Golden Phallus)Untitled (Stele/Drum MajorTransit of WeehawkenVelocity/AscensionUntitled SwirlMonsters See Blue for the First TimeIste polis IIIste polisComposition No. 18Composition No. 17Composition No. 16Composition No. 15Dancing Figure2A3C4B4ASt. DawnSt. EvyThe Three Waitress AngelsChorograph No. 5 (Orange Putnam)UntitledLandscape No. 25Strip Study No. 1Strip Study No. 2Creativity Magnified 20,000XBreakers of the SkyBaptism by FireChorograph No. 1Chorograph No. 2 (Archipelago)Chorograph No. 3 (The Desire for Geography)Chorograph No. 4 (Theater of Operations)EclipseFour StudiesTowersSpirits of WeehawkenTriptych No. 3 (Kearney)Triptych No. 4Complex No. 2Complex No. 3Scenes from New CarthageMontage with Helicopter and GirlResettlementFrom Point A to Point BReverence and NostalgiaApotheosis of the Phoenician TurkeyClassical CityscapeTransubstantiationBreakthroughHoodsin CountyLove and SynchronicityTriptych No. 2 (Origin, Meaning, Mystery)Triptych No. 1 (Two Pedestals)Map Fantasy IMap Fantasy IIMap Fantasy IIILandscape No. 14Bot ConceptionBurn ViewBasal Cell Carcinoma
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